Our Apps.

PixelTrend has released quite a few Apps since it was founded back in 2014
and some of them reached the Top 10 in different countries of the world.

PixelTrends main focus lies on the development of Entertainment Apps that target high user retention and usability.
With its „MegaLoL-Series“ it created the biggest German entertainment platform for mobile devices with several hundred thousand active users every day.

Beneath this you’ll find a short list of our latest released Apps.


MegaLoL is the Flagship of a wide-range Entertainment-App series containing 5 Apps.
Every day the series provides its users with a huge amount of new funny pictures, videos, quotes, sayings and has a gigantic archive of more than 60,000 items to browse through. MegaLoL and its associated Apps are available in different languages, each with its own content
(e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, …).

Quotes App

Quotes App is one of the sister-apps of MegaLoL and was downloaded several million times. 
It provides shareable content to its users around the world in 7 different languages and has a big community of users that chat, post and upload content to the app every day.

Was Wäre Wenn …

Was Wäre Wenn… is an unusual but entertaining quiz. It reached the 1st place in the Top Games List in several european countries.
It lets you decide between more than 1000 funny and serious decisions, and reveals how other people think about the same questions of life.
More translations and releases in other countries are planned.

Wer Soll Das Wissen?

‚Wer Soll Das Wissen?‘ is our latest quiz app.
You have to estimate different values of crazy facts and guess which one is higher.
Currently it is only availiable in german speaking Countries.

In development: Edgy

Edgy is a 2D Platformer featuring stylized retro graphics and simple but challenging gameplay.

More than 20 levels in 5 graphically different biomes, a fully customizable player-character and an exciting gameplay are the cornerstones of this game.

For more information on our company and all of our released apps, feel free to contact us.